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International yoga development federation

International yoga development federation
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International yoga development federation
The international yoga development federation is the world yoga profession leading yoga teacher and the yoga school authentication platform, has the branch office in each country in the world (India, us, China, Germany and so on), we support the global yoga development, promotes and supports the yoga teaching integrity and the diversity. By advocating for the self-regulation of the yoga industry and the popularization of safe yoga practice, we provide fair and comprehensive support to registered yoga schools, encourage and cultivate yoga schools to become a qualified yoga learning center, and provide valuable and credible certification letter qualifications. This promotes accountability and continuous improvement. As of 2018, we have more than 70,000 registered yoga teachers (IYDF) and over 2,000 registered yoga schools (iydf-s) around the world, making outstanding contributions to the exchanges and development of yoga among countries.
International yoga development federation yoga teacher certification system (IYDF)
IYDF200 certified for basic training of hatha coaches and teachers; Air yoga teacher certification; Yoga wheel teacher certification; Dance rhyme yoga teacher certification; Yoga theory series certification; Maternity yoga series certification; Certified as a voice meditator and healer; Air bungee belt certification courses.
International yoga development federation yoga school certification system (iydf-s)
Iydf-s is certified by yoga school, which is divided into district (county) level, municipal level, provincial level and national execution right.
International yoga development federation distribution
Member units in mainland China: shena yoga in shandong, chants yoga in ningbo, Ming yoga in Qingdao, suxin yoga in dongying, yijiang yoga in jiangsu, jinshan yoga in shaoxing, etc.
International yoga development federation employment
In order to solve the problem of students' employment, various yoga schools in different countries have reached the strategy of employment cooperation, so as to provide them with high-level yoga talents, guarantee the employment of all students easily, and at the same time, provide excellent students with the opportunity to stay at school. There are also many yoga students after graduation to set up their own yoga center, and the international yoga development federation together to spread the pure yoga concept, so that yoga in various countries around the world to carry forward.
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